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Rob Gould Driver Training will show you how you could save over £500 on passing your driving test. Also be sure to read about your special TRIPLE GUARANTEE…

It will not be long before you are driving your own car and going to the places which are important to you like university, work and of course weekend road trips with your friends. Before you get to that point though you will be looking for the best driving schools in Romford and here at Rob Gould Driver Training we have a range of courses designed to help you pass your driving test.

Part Trained
Driving Test Rescue
Confidence Building
Late Test Cancellation

These lessons are then designed to suit your personal needs, not just from a technical point of view such as reverse parking or turning right at traffic lights but also from a learning perspective. We all learn in different ways and to make your experience more enjoyable we’ll find out the way you prefer to learn and as a result you’ll need fewer driving lessons overall.

Your Triple Guarantee


We understand there are many driving schools in Romford to choose from and we can all look a bit the same, it can be very hard for you to find a difference in quality and so we present to you our triple guarantee. It includes a money back guarantee, a pass promise and a 2 year driving lesson warranty.

Learning to drive safely so you have a great chance of passing your driving test is very important, but so is your investment. You are paying out your hard earned cash on lessons and you need to be sure they are of the highest quality, therefore we believe our triple guarantee gives you those assurances, making us your number one choice to phone.

The half way point to passing your driving test is the theory test and we highly recommend you pass the theory test as soon as you can, in fact some learners will pass the theory test before they look for driving schools in Romford. The beauty of passing the theory test early in your training can lead you to needing fewer driving lessons as the instructor will not need to prompt you on certain skills as you are already making the right decisions due to learning them through your theory training.

Once you have passed your theory test we can book your practical driving test, a good rule of thumb is divide the number of lesson you are going to need by the number of lessons you have a week. This will then tell us approximately when we need to be booking the driving test for. So as an illustration, if you need another 20 hour or so, your lessons are 2 hours long and you have one lesson a week, then your test will be in a couple of months time.

Of course and subject to availability we can bring that time frame forward in terms of booking an earlier test and increasing the number of hours training you take each week. In short we do our best to offer you a flexible solution.

To get started, all you need to do is give us a call on the above number and our friendly team of experts will be delighted to assist you on the phone, answer your questions, provide advice and book you in for your first lesson.

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We Have IDEAL Driving Lessons For You

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