Automatic Driving Lessons in Romford

Learning to drive in an automatic can can save you time, money, a lot of hassle and autos are so easy to drive…you’ll love learning

If you are seeking the help of automatic driving schools in Romford in order to get you through your driving test, let us explain there are also a few happy bonuses for you on the way.

Since that an automatic car doesn’t have gears you will need few lessons as it is something you will not need to learn, and driving in an automatic car is less complicate and comes with many advantages.

Did you know it is impossible to roll backwards in an automatic, you have got to engage reverse to go backwards, therefore if you are on a hill you don’t have the arduous task of needing the hand brake and operating the clutch and brake pedal simultaneously. All you need to do is keep your foot on the brake so the car doesn’t move forward until you are ready. So if you are in a queue, perhaps at traffic lights and facing uphill, while all the manual cars are doing upteen things at once all you need to do is have your foot on the brake. Easy isn’t it.

You can imagine quite easily that driving an automatic car is relatively free of stress when compared to a manual car especially when in traffic and all the latest cars to hit the headlines for the right reasons are electric. Both hybrid and electric cars are automatic, it’s the future and it is also an easier way to passing your driving test.

While there are several automatic driving schools in Romford we believe Rob Gould Driver Training is the right option for you because of our triple guarantee.
The guarantee includes…

A money back guarantee
A pass promise
A 2 year driving lesson warranty

Our aim is to show that you can rely on us, we want you to be a safe driver, but we also want you to have a good time, be more than satisfied with your lessons and if you ever needs us after you have passed you can phone us for free refresher lessons.

Passing your driving test is not so hard when you concentrate on safety, and as a result when you are looking for automatic driving schools in Romford to help you get your licence, the ease of passing and the safety skills developed need to be your focus. By building in safety factors from the outset we can help you to become a very natural sand safe driver, where being safe when driving is a normal function and not an additional chore.

When you work with us we will help you build the right driving habits so you can pass your driving test first time and have the skills for staying safe. Phone us today.


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