Beginner Lessons

This course is for the complete novice who has very little driving experience.

Beginner Lessons and the right driving schools in Romford

You are right at the beginning of a fantastic journey…learning to drive! The excitement of taking driving lessons has probably been with you for some time, let’s face it as teens we sit in the back of the car thinking that one day it will be you driving and now your time has come.

Planned correctly, it actually will not be too long before you have passed your driving test and in your own car. Once you have your driving licence everything in your life starts to change. It is not just about not needing to depend on a lift from your parents or friends when going out, it really is about your independence. Once you have your licence employment opportunities become easier, you can earn more money and with some jobs you must have the ability to drive. Oh and of course you can’t forget plugging in your music and setting off for weekend road trips with your friends.

To get everything started you will need beginner lessons, you could shop around and yes there are cheaper solutions, there is with everything in life, but Rob Gould Driver Training differs to most schools and we think we have the perfect solution for you.

We start with our TRIPLE GUARANTEE.
If you are anything like most people looking for driving schools in Romford you would ideally like to pass first time, have a really nice driving instructor and if at all possible take the least amount of lessons possible. Therefore we have a solution to your needs which is out triple guarantee.
We are going to explain what it is, how it works and why it’s a great choice for you to take.

Money Back Guarantee
Pass Promise
2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

Money Back Guarantee – Peace of mind
We appreciate that while there are many driving schools in Romford it is hard to tell the difference, who is going to be right for you and who would you prefer to avoid. On the face of it all schools look very similar and you have nothing to go on to determine quality. Now we could jump up and down and say we are the best driving school in Romford, but where is the proof in that? So what we are saying is this, if you do not like your lesson we’ll refund you for the lesson. It applies to the lesson you are on, or have just finished and you have 24 hours after the completion of the lesson to activate your guarantee. If you are unsatisfied and want your money back for the lesson, there is no quibble or hard questions asked, no frowns, just a “thank you” for trying us and “best wishes” for your future training with whichever school you try next.

Pass Promise – worth £62
We are not the DVSA (the people who organise the tests) so we can’t say for sure you will be given a driving licence, however we can say they if you follow our programme and then fail, our promise to you is we’ll pay for your next driving test.
At Rob Gould Driver Training we deliver really high standards and as a result many of our learners are achieving what you want, and that is to pass first time.
If you want to be included in the Pass Promise we ask you to keep to the following points.

You will have at least 40 hours of training with Rob Gould Driver Training, this is actually around 20% less than the national average which is reported to be 47 hours. So we are not making you take extra driving lessons.
We want you to have passed your theory test within the first 6 weeks of joining the driving school, this is the half way stage and a great motivator for you.
You will take at least 2 hours of lessons with the school each week and if you happen to miss a week due to illness, holidays etc. We ask you to make that week up.
The driving test will be booked in accordance to your driving instructor, and before you go to the driving test you will have completed your learning to drive syllabus, be identified as an independent driver and will have passed a mock test.

If you have met our conditions and some how slipped up and failed the test, you will need to book with us 6 hours of follow up training. At that point we can either pay for your next test or offer you free lessons to the same value.

2 Year Driving Licence Warranty worth – £200
Learning to drive is not just about the Holy Grail of getting your driving licence, it is very much about being a safe driver and when you take driving lessons in Romford at Rob Gould Driver Training, safety is our focus. To that extent, if you ever need refresher lessons after you have passed your driving test, we have free refresher lessons for you.

It works like this.
From the date of you passing your driving test you can have 3 free hours in the first year, and the same again in the second year. You can’t sell these hours, carry them over to the following year and they are only for the driving test and not advanced driving.
You can use them for different reasons, perhaps you want your instructor next to you in your car the first time you drive it, or perhaps you don’t feel so confident with a particular skill or it may be the fact you have not driven in a while and just want to be 100% sure.

All we ask is that the date, time and location are suitable for the instructor and that you supply the road legal and fuelled car for you to drive.

As you can see we are unlike any other driving school in Romford, our triple guarantee speaks for itself and assures you of quality driving lessons and the things you want most.
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