Confidence Building

In about 27 seconds you will have taken a big step to feeling more confident…

Confidence Building Driving Lessons

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that if you feel at a low ebb when it comes to driving you are not on your own, 1000s of people suffer from anxiety when learning to drive, but don’t worry we’ll soon get you feeling comfortable and in control. In fact we are going to prove right now that your stress and worries concerning driving are perfectly normal…

Humans have walked the Earth for thousands of years and in the history of humankind it is only the last few years have we have had the technological ability to travel independently as fast speeds.
Being on the back of a horse can be scary and that’s only 30mph or so and humans have been doing that for years, but what about cars, 100s of cars on the same road travelling at 40, 50mph and more..?

What is happening to you is your central nervous system kicking in and it is asking the question “are you safe”. That is what your lack of confidence caused by anxiety or stress is doing, its just asking the question about your safety, and loads of learner drivers go through the same, though many keep it quiet and don not tell their friends!

The solution is actually more simple than you might believe right now.
Its all to do with working within your comfort zone, and doing as much as you can within the comfort zone. Since that you will be gaining trust and building a relationship with us, coupled with the skills you are learning, because you will know for sure you are feeling comfortable you start to spread your wings a little. At your own pace, we don’t push you, you will take on bigger tasks and all of a sudden you will recognise you are in control, comfortable and nerve free.

We are not a driving school that shouts, applies pressure or pushes you. We are trained experts and we take our time to get to know how you prefer to learn, working within your boundaries and giving you positive encouragement all the way.

We know you will enjoy your lessons with us and we know we can help you be a confident driver and pass your driving test. Please pick up the phone and call us now.


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