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If you've ever wondered just exactly what is a driving instructor? This page tries to explain the differences there are between some driving instructors in Romford.

What exactly is a driving instructor?

Not everybody knows too much about driving instructors and the different types of driving instructors in Romford. Yes, we all generally drive vehicles and most of these driving schools cars will have a set of dual controls fitted too Yep, and we also help you attain a good standard of driving skills where hopefully you’ll go on to take and pass your driving test. But I wanted to take an opportunity to give you a little bit more information into about driving instructors as a whole.

If you live in Romford and want to be a driving instructor and give driving lessons in Romford, first of all you have to pass a DBS check. Or CRB check as it used to be called. This is just a background check that the authorities require for each instructor to ensure that you meet the requirements of being a fit and proper person and normally ends up with the police doing checks on you too. Providing this stage doesn't flag anything up and if this stage is passed, then the potential driving instructor can then go on and take their driver training.

There are two types of driving instructors, I'll explain

The two types are an ADI and a PDI. A PDI is someone who is going through stages of their training to qualify as a full driving instructor and generally speaking have already passed two out of their three exams and are just training to take their third and final exam.

A fully qualified ADI is someone who has taken and passed all of the three qualifting exams that have been set out by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Plus, the driving instructor would have already have made the DBS checks and has been accepted have their name on to the register of approved driving instructors. How do you thell the difference from a PDI to a fully qualified ADI? It’s very easy to tell if a driving instructor is not fully qualified yet and is a trainee instructor (PDI) or one who is a fully qualified driving instructor by the colour of their badge that is displayed in their front windscreen. A PDI will have a Pink badge which is shaped as a triangle, but a fully qualified and registered driving instructor will have one that is Green and shaped like an Octagon. A PDI’s badge lasts for six months, during that time it is expected that a PDI would have gone on and taken their third and final exam to qualify as an ADI within this six month period.

If a trainee driving instructor wants to work for reward i.e. earn money, then they have to be sponsored by another fully qualified driving instrucotr or a driving school and has to undergo supervision or further training. Also, a PDI will come under the business of another driving school and has to run by their terms of business and also has to abide by the DVSA's code of conduct, the code of conduct can be viewed here. Our main advice to you is never to pay for driving lessons unless you can see that the instructor has a Pink or Green badge displayed in their front windscreen.

Once a person has passed all three exams and then is a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI), if they want to, they can choose to go independent by setting up their own business or they can choose to work on a franchise basis and work with another driving school. Every driving instructor is also graded. The grades used to run from 1 to 6, this was called a “check test” but things have changed since 2014 and the system is different. Every driving instructor still gets checked for quality assurance but it is now called a standards check. The grading system for the standards check runs from A, B or F. A is the highest grade whilst B is also a very good greade but an F is a fail. If a driving instructor does fail their check from the DVSA, they then have another two attempts to brush up on their skills to reach the standard set out by the (DVSA).

At Rob Gould Driver Training, it is guaranteed that all of the neccessary qualifications set out by the DVSA have been passed. Coupled with this, we are friendly, patient and very very reliable. Some of the customers past and present have said that we are the No1 driving school in Romford and we have an amazing reputation and excellent customer reviews to support this, but we'd like you to find this out for yourself. So if you're looking for driving lessons then just simply get in touch. You can also find on this website information about how driving instructors go about delivering driving lessons and how different driving schools may operate.

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