Driving Lessons In Collier Row

How would you feel about being able to pass your driving test the first time or finding a school for driving lessons in Collier Row who will give you a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your lesson? And how would you feel if the school offered you free refresher lessons after you have passed your driving test? 

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Welcome to Rob Gould Driver Training where we pay for your 2nd driving test
if you somehow fail on your first attempt. 
We will give you a refund on your driving lesson if you are not satisfied
and to make sure you are totally safe you can have free refresher lessons.

National statistics say around 50% of people will fail their driving test,
considering most schools will have you training for around 50 hours
it’s a really poor stat. The truth why people fail is because they are not
taught how to drive safely.

Anyone can learn to drive in just a few hours,
there are plenty of schools offering driving lessons in Collier Row
who will happily take you out for a spin and let you improve your technique
but we are all about safety. You will only pass your test if you are safe.

It doesn’t matter if you take 100 hours of training
if you are not taught how to be safe you will not pass the test
it’s as simple as that.

Did you know the person most likely to be injured in a car accident
is someone who is newly qualified?
And that is the reason we give you free refresher lessons.
You are still learning, still developing your experience and errors can happen
so don’t put anything to risk – call us for your free refresher lessons.

All of our terms can be found on the homepage
but you can give us a call.
We’ll be delighted to help you


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