Driving Lessons In Hornchurch

Passing your driving test is going to change your life, soon enough you can forget about the hassles of public transport, timetables and getting lifts from friends and family. You’ll be able to hop into your own car and go wherever you want. We’d lover to help you get your driving licence so read a little more and then phone us…

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1. Pass your driving test first time
2. Not to be taken for a ride and made to take more driving lessons in Hornchurch than needed
3. To be 100% satisfied on each driving lesson

So why is the driving test pass rate for driving lessons in Hornchurch
as low as just 50% ?
People like yourself can’t be satisfied with driving schools in Hornchurch
who have those type of results?

You have probably had in the region of 50 to 60 hours of training
when you take private practice into consideration
and yet people are failing their driving test left, right and centre.

At Rob Gould Driver Training if you do not pass fist time we cover the cost
of your 2nd test, and if you are not 100% satisfied with your driving lesson
we’ll refund you!

ok, passing first time…how to do it.
Anyone can learn to drive in a few driving lessons it’s not hard
the challenge is to be a safe driver and that is what the examiner is testing you on.
Do you think it would make sense to include a simple technique
on each and every driving lesson in Hornchurch you take so you can become a natural driver?
Of course it makes sense, so what we do on each lesson is the following.

Driving lessons in Hornchurch – Passing First Time

1.Driving lessons in Hornchurch have to be safe, and the first rule is always to be in control of your car.
2. There are many different driving schools in Hornchurch and they should all be encouraging you to have a safe attitude, it really is vital to have the correct approach.
3. Hazard perception is not just for your theory test, you must be using it all the time.
4. To obey with the laws and to keep safe follow the Highway Code

Right from your very first driving lesson we will get these 4 factors
into your learning – imagine yourself being programmed
so you are driving on autopilot.

Pick up the phone and call us today
we’ll help get you on the road to your driving licence.


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