Driving Lessons In Rainham

Getting your driving licence is your number one priority but there are a few others things to throw into the equation when looking for driving lessons in Rainham.

#1 Every learner wants to pass first time
#2 You do not want to take more lessons than needed
#3 You want to pass twice at fast
#4 Having a good time is always high on the agenda

learner driver in Rainham

What if there was a way to take driving lessons in Rainham
where you are promised you will pass first time, and you can take your
driving test after doing fewer lessons that the national average?
oh, and if you don’t like your lesson you can have your money back.

Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?
It’s exactly what we at Rob Gould Driver Training are offering you.
The full details are on the homepage but it breaks down like this.

Follow our expert program and you could take your test around
15-20% quicker than the national average
. You’ll be a safe driver
and ready to pass your test, but if you somehow fail we’ll cover
the cost of your next driving test.
We are confident!


If you feel you are not getting value from your lesson, where you are
not 100% satisfied, then we’ll refund you.

So why the big offer?
Where is the catch?
There is no catch, we just know that of you follow are learning program
we don’t need to discount the price of our driving school in Rainham
because you’ll be needing fewer hours and passing first time.

In reality, if you are looking for cheap driving schools in Rainham,
we probably are the best option for you, despite us not having discounted lessons.
The reason is simple. If you fail your test elsewhere it’s going to cost you for a new test.
If you don’t follow a plan, you’ll end up needing more lessons.
Even if you take a discount deal with another driving school in Rainham you could save
around £100.

Follow our program and you could find yourself saving over £500
now which makes better sense to you?


99.9% of all driving schools in Rainham are very happy for you to book lessons
whenever you want. Each week you’ll drive around town gaining experience
on how to drive, but anyone can learn to drive.
What you need is a program, not just random lessons
and the program will teach you how to become a safe driver!
This is how you pass first time and it’s how you save your skin.

Have you heard the phrase practice makes perfect?
It’s wrong.
Practice only forms and creates a habit, it doesn’t matter if what you are
doing is good or bad – you form a habit.
So driving around town getting experience is not making you perfect.

Depending on the roads where you live
and the quality of your instructor
most people can drive in just a few short driving lessons in Rainham.
Will that get you through your driving test?
No, not all.

To pass your driving test and get your driving licence you need to
learn how to drive safely.
It’s only when you can drive safely will you be given your full licence.

The upshot is this.
Assuming you want to pass first time, without being forced to take
way too many lessons and for you to have a good time
you need to phone Rob Gould Driver Training.
Phone now.


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