Driving Lessons In Upminster

We have everything you need to know about learning how to drive and passing your driving test. 

Would you love the chance to pass your driving test at the first time of asking?
We know you would jump at the chance
but when it comes to taking driving lessons in Upminster
who do you choose?

At Rob Gould Driver Training
we offer you a very special Triple Guarantee
and it includes a promise for you to pass your driving test 1st time.

Just what if…you do not like your driving school in Upminster
what do you go and do then?
There is nothing was then forcing yourself to learn
when you really don’t enjoy the experience.

Well, we have got you covered with our Money Back Guarantee.
How good is that?
Yes, your driving lesson will always be covered by the guarantee.

And finally, how about some free refresher lessons for once you have passed your test?
For some it will be a while before they get their own car
or perhaps want to brush up on a few skills
so wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have some refresher lessons – for free?

How do you feel about saving a significant amount of money
on passing your driving test?
We’re talking about £500 or more…that is a lot of money for anyone.

Most learner drivers looking for cheap driving lessons in Upminster
will look for a special deal – and why not?
However what are you going to be saving?
Perhaps you could save £50 to £100 and maybe £2 an hour on a lesson.

That doesn’t really add up to much – £200 if you are very lucky,
but using our guide to learning to drive you can seriously save
over £500 and that’s a different league all together.

To find out more you can either give us a call
or go to the homepage where you will find full details.

Every learner driver would love to get their driving licence
from the first driving test – but the failure rate is so high.
Do you know why people fail their test?
The answer is so simple.

People fail their driving test because they do not know what to expect.
You have been learning to drive and technically you could be sound
but that’s just a one part of learning to drive.
If you want to impress the driving examiner
you need to demonstrate you can drive safely – and there is your difference.

You can be driving in just a few short lessons it really isn’t that difficult,
especially if you are training in an automatic,
its pretty much the case of point and shoot.
The driving examiner though will only pass your if you are a safe driver.

Learning to drive in the UK is one of the best experiences
among any country, but it’s perhaps the hardest.
At Rob Gould Driver Training,
you’ll learn how to drive, but we’ll make you safe!

On the day of your driving test
you will be able to go to the test centre with a smile
and leave with a grin, because you will be a safe,
confident and fully prepared driver,
totally entitled to holding a full driving licence.

Call us today to get you on the road


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