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So, you think you understand how most driving lessons in Romford and in general are conducted. On this page we've tried to give you a very small insight about what makes a driving lesson.

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To most who are looking to learn to drive, a driving lesson can just seem to be something you do once a week or an hour or so that you spend each week with your driving instructor. However, we know that it’s much more than that. We believe that it’s an hour or so learning something new with driving skills and car control.

With all driving schools in Romford, your driving lesson should be structured in a certain way. It should have a beginning, a middle and an end and should also contain some lesson goals or a series which will help you to build up to an overall goal, which in most cases is your driving test. Along this journey, your driving instructor will work in partnership with you and will help you to acheive new skills. Your driving instructor will initially try to find out ways in which you learn best, we call this teaching and learning strategies. By using learning techniques this will in some cases reducing the number of driving lessons you need before you reach test standard..

Overall, the majority of Instructors have changed their approach and methods when it comes to teaching and teaching techniques are now more aligned with client centred learning (CCL) and coaching techniques.

Way back when, probably all driving lessons where orientated around what is called giving direct driving instruction. This is best described as the driving instructor is giving you the instruction without giving you time to think or work things out for yourself. By teaching this way, it's classed as what we call a fault based driving lesson. This meant that the majority of your lesson was spent with correcting driving faults and giving direct instruction and little time was spent working out how you learn best. One of the negative sides to using this technique of teaching is that you as the client are not really thinking for yourself and probably just doing what your driving instructor was saying.

Let’s fast forward to today's teaching methods, generally all driving instructors are now placing you at the heart and at the centre of the learning process and rather than the learner be a passive learner, instructors are now using coaching techniques and client centred learning (CCL) techniques to place you at the centre of the learning process and making you an inter-active and engaging learner.

In driver training, although there's still a set syllabus to follow such as learning how to master junctions, roundabouts, reversing exercises and also the emergency stop, you will probably find that when you start learning to drive, initially there is no set order in how to or when to start dealing with these types of subjects. This will be the decided by both you and your driving instructor. The way teaching peole to drive has evolved such that it is up to you to define your own learning goals and go at your own pace in reference to learning and what subject you would like to cover. We call this an holistic approach to teaching.

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