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So, there are many driving schools in Romford. With all of the competition out there, how do you know if you're getting a legal driving instructor, never mind a good one.

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So, what is a driving school? A driving school can sometimes just be one person or sometimes it can be a group of people who have formed a franchise but all who are qualified to give paid tuition and have been granted this right by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). If a driving school is operated by one person, then smilar to a one-man-band business, this is called a sole-trader and the driving instructor runs their own business as a whole by themselves and works independently from anybody else or any other franchise.

Generally speaking, if there’s more than one driving instructor such as a couple of driving instructors in Romford perhaps or more who are working for a company under an agreement, then this is proabably where the driving instructor is called a franchisee and is working under a franchised contract.

Some driving schools in Romford and indeed across the country who offer driving lessons can vary in size, it could be one single driving school car and one single driving instructor or it could be a big national company such as the AA. Then there are some variations of this where there is a team of driving instructors who will cover a set geographical area such as a town like Romford or maybe even a county. In general, you will probably see more advertising from national companies such as Red on a more consistent basis and on a bigger scale. This is mainly because some local driving schools may have already built up a very good reputation and already have some good customer reviews so therefore, people may be more inclined to go with local instructors, especially if they've been recommended by family or friends.

Most and if not all driving schools will be able to offer the same sort of services such as driving lessons, pass plus, refresher lessons and intensive courses and sometimes even advanced driving lessons. Some will also be able to offer your FREE Theory training too and may also have resources that you can use such as DVD’s or even apps. When you make a general enquiry to a driving school, it may be worth asking what resources they use to assist with your learning and do you need to buy them? It's also worth asking if the driving instructor will only pick you up and drop you off at home or do they give you an option to be able to do a pick up from your place of work, college or university.

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