Driving Test Rescue

It is probably not your fault if you are repeatedly failing your driving test

Driving Test Rescue

Has it ever been seriously suggested that failing your driving test was not your fault?
Yes it is easy to blame someone else for failure, in fact it is quite common to blame the driving instructor but pupils can do this to admonish the responsibility. However there is a very decent chance that if you are repeatedly failing your driving test then the reason for failure my not entirely be yours.

Today you have a great opportunity of passing your driving test with our test rescue course. It is not like regular driving lessons or the regular driving tuition you have been receiving.

The driving test is not actually designed to fail you and certainly not deigned to repeatedly fail people, it is just a measuring device to check if you are a safe driver. The reason why people fail their test is because they cannot prove they are a safe driver, however you probably believe it is because you emerged from a junction without proper observation or for some other specific routine. That’s not really the case, it was just the end result.

If the training you received programmed you to be a safe driver and not a driver who can pass the driving test it is very likely you would not have these issues and that starts to explain a little on how our driving test rescue course will resolve your problem and help you pass.

At Rob Gould Driver Training the remedy to getting your driving licence starts the moment you phone us. We will provide you with a free over the phone consultancy session which is worth £30. By the end of the consultancy you will start to realise why your training has been failing you, that this is not really your fault and you will start to see light at the end of the tunnel.

The course itself is a 6 hour “reboot and discovery” we’ll get to the core problems of your driving, in fact we will train you so you can identify the problems for yourself and that elevates you into a position of being a very good driver. You’ll learn how to detect your own faults and correct them, meaning you will have the foundations skills you will need to pass your driving test.

The price of the course is valued at £240 and it includes 3 sessions of training, each session is 2 hours long. You will not need to repeat the course and any additional hours you may wish to take in the run up to your driving are charged at the standard lesson rate.

Due to approximately 50% of people regularly failing their driving test across the UK our driving test rescue course is a very popular option to solve your problem so you will need to phone now and enquire about availability.



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