How To Pass 1st Time

What does the examiner want to see?

Statistically around 50% will fail first attempt but by choosing right driving instructor, it doesn’t need to be that way… If you invest in 40 to 50 hours of good quality tuition you will have the best chance possible of passing your driving test first attempt. By taking at least two hour lessons every three to four days will accelerate your learning curve to test standard within six months.

How long is the driving test ?

You will be required to drive through various road conditions, performing one manoeuvre, possibly the emergency stop and an independent drive within a forty minute period.

What if I’m nervous on the day ?

Driving test nerves are quite normal to have on test day because it shows that you care about passing your driving test and that you want to show safe driving skills for life. What you need to do is make sure that your instructor has taken you through the syllabus and trained you to drive independently.

Driving test checklist :

Things your driving instructor should have taught you :

. To drive safely and confidently in all road conditions

. To reverse the vehicle in one of four ways ( turn in the road, reverse into a junction, parallel parking or bay parking )

. To drive independently for about ten minutes

. Be able to perform the emergency stop

. Answer two questions from the show me tell me question bank

Taking a mock test is invaluable for both pupil and instructor because it gives you great experience of what the driving test will be like and also shows any last minute fine tuning points that you and your instructor that may need to work upon

Are you brave enough to drive without your instructor ?

Private practice has always been a useful tool to use that builds confidence when you are not with your driving instructor. What you need to make sure of is :

. The vehicle is fully insured

. You display L plates on the front and rear of the car

.The person supervising you holds a full driving licence, is over the age of 21 and has driven for no less than three years

It’s so important to get the best training possible and at Kevin Graham Driver Training we understand this so if you need any further help just give us a call today on 0789 990 2607

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