The Best Intensive Driving Courses
in Collier Row?

Did you know the pass rate for people taking intensive driving courses in Collier Row is actually less than regular driving lessons? It’s actually a national statistic, and it’s caused by not understand how best to take the course. Right now, we are going to show you the right way to take intensive driving lessons in Collier Row.

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If you can, try to avoid having your test right at the end of your lessons, no one ever said you have to, and if you give yourself 3 days of leeway it allows you to postpone your test if you need to. That might not be the initial news you are looking for, but this is about best advice and not just what you want to hear!

Intensive driving courses in Collier Row no longer have to be 40 hours rammed into a week, there are a few downsides to this, first of all, could you imagine doing 40 hours of maths classes in a week at school? You’d be dead on your feet- right? It would be way too intense, your head will be spinning and you’ll be losing the will to live, well almost. So why do it with learning to drive?

The biggest reason why people fail is due to tiredness, you have been unable to take in all of the information and you have developed gaps in your learning. Understandable if you are trying to ram in too many hours, so ask yourself a question; from this point right now, when do you want to take your test? It’s likely it could be in a few weeks time.

Let’s use time wisely, there is nothing wrong with you having 5 days of training this week, and covering 30 hours, and then doing your final 10 hours the following week. Splitting your training into chunks will help you learn quickly and keep your mind fresh.

At Rob Gould Driver Training we offer a lot of flexibility in our lessons, for example, you could buy just one day of training; you could also take 2 hours a day, or perhaps learn just over the weekends. The flexibility we offer will help you take your intensive driving lessons in Collier Row in a better way, and that allows you a much better chance of passing your driving test the first time. Please contact us today for more details.


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