Intensive Driving Lessons In Romford For People Who Want To Pass Fast

Did you know for some people it can take 9 to 12 months to pass their driving test, and there are some learners who take even longer. It’s not down to their ability, but simply down to poor planning and sadly it costs them a fortune in driving lessons to get their licence. However, if you subscribe to our intensive driving lessons in Romford not only can we get you on the road in just a few short weeks but it’s also a money saver…

driving school in Romford

When you think about taking an intensive driving course in Romford you might start to think it’s about cramming as many lessons into one week as possible and then taking your test at the end of the week. Here at Rob Gould Driver Training, we take a different approach, you see the problem you face with 30 to 40 hours of lessons in a week is fatigue.

To pass your driving test you need to be alert, with a fresh mind, fully prepared and ready to Impress the driving examiner; you simply just can’t fluke a driving test. So what we do is different to many other schools offering intensive driving lessons in Romford. Rather than buying 30 or 40 hours and whacking that into one week, we offer courses to help you be more flexible with your time and therefore fresher when it comes to taking your lessons.

You could take one lesson a day, to/from work/college, where the lesson forms part of your daily commute. Imagine being collected from work at 5pm and going into a driving lesson, not only are you have regular lessons to help you pass quickly, you are eating into the “dead time” of your commute home. In just a few short weeks you’ll be ready for your test.

Lessons over a weekend is also possible, imagine having 10 hours over a Saturday and Sunday, that’s a really good way of taking intensive driving lessons in Romford without them conflicting with work or college.

And you can also buy lessons by the day. If you have a day off in the week, use that day to help you pass your driving test in Romford.

Having a flexible approach to learning to drive will help keep you fresh, and as a result, you will learn more and in fewer lessons. Contact us today for more information.


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