Late Test Cancellation

If you have a test coming very soon and don’t have a driving school, we may be able to assist you with our VIP Premium Service

Late Test Cancellation

Did you know that around 50% of people are failing their driving test and it means there are a lot of learner drivers like you need a late cancellation booking. Sadly failure rate is very high because people are not always taught how to be a safe driver where you can detect and correct your own faults, but merely told how to pass the driving test. This is why people are regularly failing and spending more money on lessons and new tests.

The problem you have now is you have to find a driving instructor to take you on your driving test and have a few prep lessons, but you are no longer working with your previous instructor. You have either given them a wide berth or amazingly they are now no longer available and you need to find someone else.

First of all before you contact us we make the unusual request to contact other driving school first of all, and then at that point contact us for availability. We say this because this is a premium service, that comes with extended terms and conditions and a high price tag.

Assuming we have availability to cater for the day and time of your test you will also need to take 2 sessions of driving lessons with us, each session is 2 hours long. You will need to prove to us that you are a safe driver and capable of passing your driving test, and only at that point will we allow you to take the driving test using our vehicle.

The price of this premium service is £180 for the 2 sessions, and then a further £90 for the 2 hours required for the driving test. This service is based on a first come, first served basis and will only be offered to you if we have availability for the day of your test. You will only be allowed to go to the driving test if you are a safe driver.

If you are unsure about passing the test and want to give it a go to see if you are any good then this is not the course for you, we do not want you wasting your money, in fact we offer a more suitable course called Driving Test Rescue.

Contact us now to check for availability.


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