Part Trained Lessons

This course is for the people who have already started to learn to drive…

Part Trained Lessons

It is really common for a learner driver to have used more than one driving school or to have taken a few lessons with friends and family, and if that describes your situation you are a part trained driver and you do not need the beginners course.

The beauty of the part trained course is you will without a doubt save money and time, music to your ears – right? While there are lots of driving instructors in Romford and a number of them offer special deals, a closer look reveals that part trained courses are not advertised, and the deals are geared to new learner,  so you have to ask the question do you want to start all over again and be treated as a beginner driver?

Our course actually starts when you first contact us.
When you get through to our team we’ll ask you about your experience, such as the type of driving you have done, how many lessons you have taken, when you were last driving, if you have passed your theory test and if you have a date booked for the driving test.

Once your first lesson starts due to your initial phone call we already have a heads up in terms of the skill level you are at, so your first lesson is part assessment and part lesson. Under our careful guidance you will show us your abilities and we will record how good you are and what else you need to learn in order to pass your driving test.

By the end of the driving lesson our driving instructor in Romford will have designed you a course of lesson which are specific to your needs, this is where you are going to save time and money. In addition to that, if you have passed your theory test and not yet booked a practical test we can immediately look at suitable dates.

This is a very popular course so we do kindly request you phone us now and ask for availability.


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